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You have just entered the realm of the Fem Dom fantasy. Any fantasy where the Mistress is on top is welcome. That would include cuckold, tease and denial, adult baby, sissy, feminization, forced bisexuality, and complete cock control.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Cuckold, is when the woman in your life is taking care of the big thick cock whenever she wants it. Do you fantasize that the only way that you can please her is with your mouth? Oh, you just might have to please him too. Anything that your hot wife, or a sexy girlfriend desires should be exactly which you intend to do. Becoming a sissy cuckold husband might be exactly what you deserve.

Adult Baby Phone Sex

AB/DL , adult baby, diaper lovers have a special place in our hearts. Sometimes your pressure filled day is just too much for you. You need a nice warm sweet loving mommy to regress you back to those lovely days when you had no responsibility at all. On those days all you had to worry about was whether you had a clean diaper and something warm and your belly.
Does the thought of a very strict mommy, one that makes you feel completely helpless, give you very erotic thoughts? Mommy phone sex is a very powerful thing. Having a MILF Dominatrix that forces you back into a bib and diaper and little sissy baby bonnet can almost overwhelm you.


Is your fantasy so strong that you crave to be forced into womanhood? Forced cross-dressing, sissy bondage, sissy boy training,or made into a slut in drag? Your online Mistress will force you to not only dress up for her but perform for her. You will dance and frolic, if you are a silly sissy, or you may be forced to clean the house or suck cock as any cheap whore would do.

Phone Humiliation

There are so many forms of erotic humiliation and they are all so sexy. Small penis humiliation for the ones with the little nubs. Sissy humiliation is used as a tool to break you down and get you into those petticoats. Cuckold humiliation is where we laugh at the fact that your cock is too small to service your wife, but is just big enough to put in a pair of panties.

Sissy Training

Are you sitting there in front of your computer, in a pair of pretty pink panties? It looks like it’s time for your sissy trainer. Expert makeup application, sexy hairstyles, bra and panties training, will make you weak. Choose Kylie for all of your sissy boy training needs. Sweet Reese will coddle your sissy yearnings and encourage you to explore your new pink world, Jessica will train you into being a sissy slut for a young femdom Mistress. Erin, Bella, and Sabrina will take you and lock you into a lace covered prison. Their forced womanhood training will take your breath away. Danni has a special 7 ½ inch tool that will complete your journey.

Enforced Chastity Training

The ultimate in cock control. Not only are your orgasms denied, but your cock is under lock and key. Yes your serious femdom Mistress will have the key to your chastity device and only let you out to stroke when she wishes for you to. You will have to take care of all of her sexual needs while she has you locked up nice and safe.

Hypno FemDom

All of the Hypnotic Mistresses here will have you under their spells, but if you want to enter into the dark and intense world of total mind and orgasm control then you must see Domina Erin. Our Hypno Domme Erin will control your breathing, get you ready for a deep trance and set those triggers so that you can be transformed. Forced feminization hypnosis is her specialty.

Shemale Dominatrix

Danni is our very own sexy Shemale Mistress and she is here to rock your vanilla world. Are you ready for your T-Girl Makeover? Maybe some Shemale sissification? Or do you need to be able to look up and see a pretty sweet feminine face while you are being pushed down and forced to suck your first cock? Danni can handle that!!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

We know that one of the ultimate forms of worship is to be at your Mistresses’ feet. How those little toes are so sexy and alluring. That foot fetish that you have is just about to boil over isn’t it? You need to be able to bare your soul and lick and suck those pretty arches. Jessica has written a Femdom foot worship story that might just be enough to get your attention.

We Do Not Perform Blackmail, Extortion, Forced Intoxication, or Financial Domination Of Any Kind.

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