Hello Cock Tease Strokers and Forced Fem Sissies

Welcome to my newest blog and your soon to be favorite place for continued Sissy Pampering and Cock Torment.  You have entered my world of Female Supremacy.

Submission is not a hobby for me (or you), it is a way of life.  Now you know that your purpose is to serve me, you only concern is to find the method that will entertain me the most and the fastest.

Be prepared for intense cock teasing, and you will be denied until I am tired of laughing at your bloated ball sack.  This site is not for the faint of heart.  If you are a wanna be stroker go and talk to one of those other girls that have no idea how to be a Mistress.  You are here to serve.  If I want your submissive cuckold husband ass in a pair of pink panties, then that is exactly what I expect to see.

You can reach me for Professional Phone Mistress Sessions at 888-647-7587

Cock Tease Phone Sex With Goddess Jessica


Send me an email about what you need from a Mistress to make you feel whole.

Join our Google Group for updates and more pictures.  Yes I know that you love to look at me when you masturbate.  That is the first step to total control for me.

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13 Responses to Hello Cock Tease Strokers and Forced Fem Sissies

  1. DeniedNHappy says:

    Please Mistress would you please have me go longer for you? I promise to stroke everyday but only at your direction.


    I promise no more mess

  2. Large Plastic Storage Boxes says:

    Very good information.

  3. Lawerence Bauknight says:

    Goddess Jessica can hold my key anytime.

  4. emexefgeary says:

    This is a super cool place to read erotic phone sex stories and hang out in the chat room. Keep up the good work Mistresses.

  5. Teexuraguer says:

    I am yours!

  6. Enrikenem says:


    I need to worship you every day. Can I call you now and grunt for you like the pig I am?

  7. CincPlUnc says:


    I will honor you wishes and buy off of your wish list in order to get your attention.

  8. Freud says:

    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you for making me edge over and over all day. I am your puppet.

  9. Timmy Effner says:

    Real Women and Dominant i love it. With so many different sites out there try out this one

  10. toneyngeangef says:

    please allow me to be your toy

  11. I enjoyed viewing your blog and I will be back to check it more in the future so please keep up your good quality work. I love the colors that you chose, you are quite talented!

  12. tiffany sissy says:

    I enjoy reading the stories, too. It′s easy to understand that a journey like this is the biggest event in ones life.

  13. Best you could change the blog subject title Hello Cock Tease Strokers and Forced Fem Sissies | FemDom Stories to more catching for your webpage you create. I liked the the writing however.

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