Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 1

Jessica Fem

When I was working as a hairstylist I had a client that used to come in every 6 weeks for a haircut. He was a cute little man that had his hair past his shoulders and he would never let me cut it too much. I thought that it was strange for an accountant to have hairstyle that was all one length and grazed his shoulders in a swishy motion. Every time that he moved his head he had to bend his neck to the side to move his hair out of the way, and he loved to push it out of his face by raking it back with his fingertips. He just always seemed odd to me but I loved how he called me Miss Jessica. Six weeks passed by and there he was ready for his next cut, when he walked in he had on a very nice suit and tie, but when I looked down at his shoes, I notice that he did not have on the usual trouser socks. No my little man had on nylons of some sort. Now of course I could not tell if they were knee highs or stockings or pantyhose, so when I got him back into the shampoo bowl I asked him.

“Glen what kind of nylons do you have on today?” I questioned him as I whispered into his ear. He tried to sit up quickly, but I held his head down into the bowl with his face up to the ceiling. “Oh no you don’t” I reprimanded with a smile. “Would you like me to ask you again but a little louder? I think all of the other pretty girls would like to know”. He blushed a bright pink and it looked so cute on him. My evil grin told him that I knew his secret and that I was just starting with him and his little sissy fetish.

He could not say a word, he was scared and humiliated, and feeling very little, but I do believe that his little cock got hard. {laugh}

Goddess Jessica

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  1. Stew says:

    Love to talk with you for sure?

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