Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 2

When I got Glen back to the beauty chair I had my mind set on capturing this little sissy for my own personal pleasure.  “Glen you are a sissy aren’t you?  Do you like to dress up?”.

“Gulp” was all that I heard and my newest little Princess was almost going to cry.

“Answer Me, or I will start to get loud. You can now call me Mistress Jessica”  I had him.

“Yes Mistress, I am a sissy.  I love to dress up.  I have a very stressful job and I need it.” His eyes were in his lap and he was playing with his fingernails and trying to be cutey.  He wanted to look up at me and get the approval that he has been searching for for years.  I gave him that approval in the mirror as I was combing out his hair and smiled as I trimmed off just the ends and styled it up for him.  Instead of just blowing it straight as usual, I took the curling iron and started to style it up for him.  Smooth silky curls for every little hair on his head and all that he could do was look into the mirror and blush and grin.  While I was combing the style out I asked him questions.  “How long have you been dressing?”

“Five years now Mistress”. he could not get that smile off of his face.

“Are you smooth all over sissy?” I would not look at him.  I didn’t want him to blush.

“If you want me to be Mistress” he giggled

“We are going to train you to be proper sissy and you are going to do anything that your new Mistress desires.  Aren’t you sissy?”

“Training?  Mistress?” he was getting scared now.

I kept my eyes and voice flat and replied to him “Yes sissy, you do want to be a proper sissy don’t you?  No pretty Mistress like myself is going to allow you to go around without proper sissy training, and assignments.”

“Assignments?” His eyes lit up like the strip in Las Vegas, and I knew that he was completely mine for as long as I would want him.

When I was finished with putting his hair up on the top of his head in a pretty curly ponytail, I turned him around and faced him with my hands on each each arm of the chair trapping him in, and said “You will call your office and tell them that you are not coming back and you are staying with me today.”  I handed him the phone and turned away to grab a big mirror so that he could see that back of his hair by using both mirrors.

“Abby, I am not feeling well, and I am not coming back to the office.  I will have to see you tomorrow, bye”.

He was so excited that he could not stop wiggling. I turned to him and pinched his left nipple and said “Let the games begin”.

“Yes Mistress”

Goddess Jessica

888-647-7587 Ext 22

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One Response to Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 2

  1. Shebul says:

    I had a real life experience like that in a spa I used to go to but not a Misstress but the owner called me “sweetie” and always wanted me to wear a dress to the beauty shop, (I couldn’t do that much though but they used to treat me like a princess there I got so addicted to it.

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