Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 3

“Glen you are going to go with Mistress Sheila and she is going to start to get you ready on your journey to SissyLand. She will wax you all over so that you can be a smooth sissy. She will be able to see every inch of your little pink boy body and will get all of that nasty hair off of you.”

Oh Aren't You So Pretty?

“I am turning you over to my very best skin care specialist who is a wonderfully understanding woman.” Sheila is in her early 50′s. She is kind and sweet and loves to play Mommy to all of us at the shop and her eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree with the thought of being able to help in the transformation of a little man that needs to be a Sissy. Without a word, she offers you her hand and guides you back to the massage/waxing rooms. You are prepared with a light oil that is applied all over your body so that the wax does not adhere to your skin. You are on your stomach with your hands by your sides as she begins to apply the wax to you in long stripes. She presses in that fine linen cloth, holds the skin tight and then rips the cloth back and out comes every hair. Smooth as a babies’ bottom. Of course it takes you by surprise, but it is exciting too isn’t it sissy? You are going to be all smooth for the very first time since you were a toddler and you cannot wait for her to get to all of the private parts. Oh it may be a little humiliating, and make you shy, but it is going to be so worth it. How you wish that you Mommy took care of you like this when you were a teenager, and just beginning to play in her panties and things. Did you get a little boner thinking about that? So Naughty!!!

Goddess Jessica

888-647-7587 Ext 22

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6 Responses to Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 3

  1. Andrew C. Smith says:

    Hi, Very interesting article. I am quite impressed and just wanted to let you know that you did a fine job on this article. However, I do have some unanswered questions that I would like to ask you. I will contact you via email so that you can clear some of these things up for me. Again, very well written article. Keep up the good work.

  2. Otha Arquette says:

    Hey I like your blog I though I would allege Ive been a telephone sex person for years Keep up the posts I like chatting about this line of work.

  3. Larry Barnas says:

    this is great ive bookmarked this one hehe

  4. Kale says:

    why had it taken so long to find a Mistress who knows me and my kink? thank you thank you thank you

  5. Gogokq says:

    I wish that I was a smaller man so that I could fit into the breast pocket of my Mistress’ blouse and excite her with my whole body.

  6. Gogokq says:

    Mistress you are now in such control of my life that I must come to you everyday to check in and pay tribute.

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