Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 4

Goddess Jessica Loves To Torment

“Are you all nice and smooth little sissy?”  I ask you as you walk gingerly out of the private massage room and into the main room of the salon. You have on a wrap around fluffy robe that we give to our ladies when they are having a spa day.  I notice that you are walking a lot more like a pretty girl than a boy would be.  It makes me smile.

“Yes Mistress, I am smooth all over and Mistress Sheila took care to humiliate me about my new clitty. *giggle* ”

“Did she give you a new little clitty?  All smooth and sweet and feeling pretty?”  I could not wipe the grin off of my face if I tried.

I gestured you over to sit in the manicure and pedicure station so that your hands and feet could get a much needed make over as well.  Make sure that you pick out a slutty color for those toes.  “Mistress Kim will take care of you for the next hour or so and you can talk to her about all of your nail care needs.  I will make sure that your new appointment schedule is made so that you can maintain the new you.  You want that don’t you sissy?”

The idea that this transformation was not just for the day but for the rest of your life, sunk in a bit and it frightened you but excited you too.  A girly girl full time.  What did that mean?  You have already come so far.  There is no turning back now.  All of it feels so good and feels so right.  You cannot give it up.  You have to continue.  You deserve to feel this pretty and you can’t wait for the adventure to go forward, even though you are scared to death.  That out of control feeling is so erotic that you have to be careful that you new little clitty does not pop out of the middle of that robe.  Behave yourself. Silly sissy.
Goddess Jessica

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  1. kinky feet says:

    Just wanted to take a sec and say how much I fancied your writing. I’ve saved the link so I will be back. looking forward to more

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