Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 5

You Want To Be Pretty?

You Want To Be Pretty?

Your nails are polished a pale pink, your toes are polished a deep, slutty red, and you are waxed and smooth all over. Your body feels delicious to you and I am right there guiding you back to the hair cutting station. “Let me take that down and show you how cutesy you can be.” I gently take the curly ponytail out of it’s bondage and let those tresses fall to your shoulders in a wave of loveliness. You can’t help it and shake out the curls and they shape your face perfectly. Big soft sexy curls to your shoulders and you have never felt so good in all of your life. (well maybe that first time that you ever put pantyhose on for the first time. That was pretty awesome)

I take a white terry cloth headband and put it over your head and around your neck. I pull it back over the very front part of your hair, right above your forehead and I tell you that you really need something on that face of yours now. You can’t have big sexy hair without some pretty make-up on that face.

“Oh shit, not make up.” You stutter. “How can I explain that? I can’t go that far. This has been a fun treat, but this is where I have to draw the line. I just can’t do that. Everyone will see. Everyone will know.”

With the help of Mistress Sheila and Miss Kim, I get your hands tied up to the arms of the chair where you cannot move. You are stuck there until we want to let you go. You struggle and try to fight, but the only thing that happens is that your soft fluffy robe comes open and starts to show off your new girly body. All of the other girls come over to see what the commotion is about and when they see you, they all begin to giggle and laugh and point. Your smooth legs and clitty and balls are all there for them to see.

“See, sissy, I told you not to fight me. Now you get to show off for all of the girls.” I open your robe wide for the girls to see every bit of you and a few even step forward and tease you. Their manicured fingers are pinching your nipples and reaching for your little clit. You can smell their perfume and their hairspray and you do much want that sissy boner to go away. They are touching you and telling you how pretty you are going to be with make-up on. You try to fight, but you can’t and you so much want to squirt and show them how you just can’t take anymore.

Goddess Jessica

888-647-7587 Ext 22

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2 Responses to Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 5

  1. abbeybabygirl says:

    just love the story .. a dream come ture
    wishing i had a haircutter just wike you

  2. uberman says:

    you are a great writer goddess, i want to uberify you now!

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