Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 6

What a Pretty Sissy!!!

What a Pretty Sissy!!!

Of course you let them put make-up on you.  You can’t resist and you so much want to see how pretty you really can be.  A professional make-up artist to do your eyebrows and apply your new face to your skin.  She instructs you in proper skin care and makes you into a pretty sissy girl.  Foundation, Pressed powder, blush, lip liner, brow liner, eye liner and shadow, and the best part:  lipstick and lip gloss.  Very classy and sexy too.  The terry-cloth headband is removed and your locks fluffed back out and you almost want to cry.  You know that soon you will have to get back into your boy clothes and go home.  But, you can play dress up at home with your new look and now you are a little happier.

“Ok little one, you have to get your clothes on and let us all see you.  I have enjoyed playing with you today and I took care of your credit card while you are busy.” I said with an evil grin.

You walk back to the dressing room and when you open the doors you can see that your clothes are gone.  Your suit is gone.  You must be in the wrong room.  You open the next door and no, you were in the right room.  There is a little card there and on it is written “Glenda” in big handwriting.  Oh no!!!  There are only dresses and heels and pantyhose and panties, and bras in here.  “Hurry up sissy we want to see you, try the red one on first.”

Goddess Jessica

888-647-7587 Ext 22

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One Response to Forced Sissy Training With Goddess Jessica Pt 6

  1. abbeybabygirl says:

    Mistress Jessica, OOOOOOOOO Please continue the story it is amazing and i only wish it was me in the story

    abbey baby girl

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