Jane Bond – Fem Dom Story – Sabrina (Part 2)

I hope that you liked part 1 of this Fem Dom story and are coming back for more.  If you have not tried any of the Mistresses out for some Dominatrix Phone Sex you are missing out on the opportunity to enter a world where you are submissive to their every whim.  That makes me want to get out my Mistress strap-on and show you how naughty we can be.

Please enjoy part 2.

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Jane Bond – Part 2

Looking at the warehouse, I made an audible gasp and leaned over to peer into a grime streaked window. This action caused my skirt to ride up exposing my garters and stocking clad legs. Wiping a bit of dirt from the window, I could see my victim, in the reflection, transfixed by the glorious sight in front of him. I hurriedly slipped inside the warehouse and looked out through the clear spot I had just made.

I could see my quarry standing there in a quandary. If he had backup, he would not have hesitated to follow me inside. I smiled, watching the visible play of emotions across the face. He would never make a world-class poker player; he was too much of an open book. His lightning quick Neanderthal thought processes complete, he lumbered towards the door that I had left invitingly ajar.

Inside, he paused bewildered at the sight of me topless, dangling my bra in one hand. As his eyes fixated on my rapidly heaving breasts with large erect nipples, I ruthlessly kicked him twice in the nuts. He folded as quickly as General Motors stock against the onslaught of Japanese automakers. I watched unfeelingly, as his eyes rolled back in his head.

I quickly tied him up with left over packing twine and put his bound hands through a hook in the ceiling. Pressing the hoist button, I raised him up so his feet were barely dangling on the floor. I rapidly stripped him, keeping only those items that I might find useful. Getting tired waiting for him to come to; I began a slow rhythmic slapping of his face, noticeably jarring him with every blow. This seemed to have no effect except to excite me.

Taking my bra I stuffed it in his mouth securing it with packing tape. Arraying my instruments of torture in front of him, his belt, shoelaces, hairspray from my purse and hairbrush I began the next step. Clasping his nose tightly caused him to gasp and heave for air awakening him from his stupor. His eyes glazed over as he realized his predicament as he came to. I don’t have time for the amenities so I will proceed differently than I normally would, I told him.

Usually I would stop to savour your pain, to enjoy the play of expressions against your anguished face. Unfortunately I have a nail appointment so I must rush. I could see his rising excitement as he realized he was nude and I was fully clothed. I don’t think you will enjoy this I scolded, as I tied his shoelaces tightly around his balls with a slipknot. Ruthlessly yanking on the laces i watched his body writhe and twist in a spasmodic explosion of pain.

I smiled blissfully, enjoying his torment. Taking his belt I looped in around his neck closing off his airways.

End part 2

Now you can see how powerful a great Fem Dom Story can be.

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