Jane Bond – Fem Dom Story – Sabrina (Part 3 of 3)

female on top 3Thank you for joining me for the last part of the 3 part series that highlights Female Supremacy, and Cock Torment.  Please come into the chat room and we can discuss your new Phone Mistress addiction.

Jane bond Part 3

As I watched him make desperate attempts to gulp air into his lungs, I stated the facts of his new existence. “Since I don’t have time for niceties, I will do things different. I will soften you up”; I made the pun as I watched his rapidly dwindling erection, “before I ask any questions. “I leaned forward, placing my stiletto heel, specially sharpened for such occasions, against his bound balls. I disinterestedly watched a tiny drop of blood roll down the side of his now bright red ball sac.

I loosened the shoelaces from around his testicles to increase blood flow and thus heighten the pain sensations. “If I do not find your answers satisfactory, I will stop playing around and really inflict pain upon you. It will make this seem as painful as watching a Pauly Shore routine on endless loop but with a promise of much more pain to come. Shake your head if you can comprehend what I am saying.”

I loosened the belt constricting his airways and waited for him to nod his understanding. He slowly shook his head yes while making great whooshing noises trying to draw air into his beleaguered lungs. He had a look of dazed relief until l pushed my heel further into his now tender scrotum.

Another puncture mark appeared on his balls. I smiled in satisfaction at the results as I took my hairbrush and began batting his balls as if they were ping-pong balls, with the hairbrush as a ping-pong paddle. His balls now glowed like the bright red coals in a barbecue as blood started to flow copiously from his injuries.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use hairspray for the first time on him. I sprayed his open wounds which had an immediate and striking effect. He gave an anguished high-pitched howl and drummed his feet repeatedly on the floor. I waited for his sobs to subside before beginning again. For the first time he began to make the sounds I longed for. It was the sounds that I had been eagerly anticipating for quite some time.

It was somewhat like a Bach symphony or like the Angels heralding the coming of the new world in a heavenly chorus. It was a gut wrenching, pleading mumbling plea, half muffled by his gag. He sounded like he was almost at his breaking point. I decided a bit of mental stimulation would speed up the process.

I smiled an enigmatic Madonna like smile at him as I took a cigarette out of my purse and lit it. His eyes opened wide in undisguised terror as I contemplated my lighter. I raised the can of hairspray and lit it creating a blowtorch as I gazed thoughtfully at his battered balls. His head shook rapidly from side to side like a can of paint in a paint can shaker.

I put down the can of hairspray and removed his gag. “Tell me everything. Whom do you work for and why were you following me? I am through playing around.” His words tripped over themselves in his hurry to speak. “I work for the restaurant. You dropped an envelope when you paid your check and I was trying to return it and hopefully gain brownie points. Check my pants. The envelope is in my pants I swear to God. ”

I reached over and grabbed his pants and sure enough there was my envelope. “Well you have gained my interest. It was a very fun afternoon. Did you enjoy it also?” I queried as I smiled a sadistic smile. He blushed quite becommonly and whispered a shamed yes.

“I’ll tell you what I will do to make it up to you. I do have a nail appointment but after wards I will let you buy me dinner and I will introduce you to (long pause) further refinements that I am sure you will enjoy. “I cut him loose from his bonds and watched him wince in agony as circulation slowly returned. I quickly jotted down my cell phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to him while cupping his bruised balls in my hand. I viciously jabbed my bright red fingernails into them and and whispered seductively into his ear” I think you will turn out to be a very fun pain slut to play with. I gave a final firm squeeze as I gave his rigid penis a hard slap, confident that he would be calling soon.

The End

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  1. free lyrics says:

    Thanks for sharing, I found this article, while searching for some FemDom stories and ran across this site, thoughtful comments and good points made.

  2. EdgeKing says:

    Darling Sabrina, I need you to torment me in the ways only you know how. It feels so good to have you control me completely. I am nothing but your toy to demand pleasure from. I am only here to serve you. You know you own me.

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