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One of the biggest parts of Domination phone sex is being able to tell a good story. This blog is a great opportunity for all of you to see how well we tell stories before you call. Not only can you see how intelligent we are, but you can enter into our world of female supremacy. Enter at your own risk. This is a three part story enjoy and come into the chat room and tell me how much you liked it.

Jane bond

The shimmering sunset serenaded the sky with its multicoloured tones as I left the restaurant. As I strolled down the block I thought I heard a commotion behind me. As I had been ruthlessly trained not to imagine things, I took out my compact to check my makeup and while doing so looked at the disturbance behind me.

There was a man abjectly apologizing for bumping into a couple while he quickly scanned the crowd around him. I wondered if it could be me whom he was searching for. The next question that quickly popped into my mind was, is he working alone or is there someone watching the watcher? There were very few things that were glossed over in my training and on this subject they’d been frighteningly repetitive.

The first point of action was to make myself conspicuous to the watcher and see if it was me he was seeking. If it was me, then I had to lead him into a situation where I could distract him and isolate him and see if anyone was watching him. Making me noticeable was quite easy. I am a tall alabaster goddess that attracts attention all time. My short skirt that flared above my perfectly shaped legs had garnered stares all day.

Shifting my compact slightly I could see that the man behind me had his eyes glued to my undulating buttocks. Pretending to stumble, I fell back into his arms letting my ripe, luscious body slowly slide across him. He caught me and held me so tight I could feel the pulse in his rapidly engorging member harden against me. I slowly turned in his arms, letting him feel every inch of me brush against his rigid tool and gave him a bright smile. I thanked him profusely and slowly untangled myself from his arms. As I did so I could see the man from the restaurant glancing over at the crowd around me.

The man’s eyes fixated on me and he started to hurry my way. He was either a complete amateur or was the bait to lure me out. The blooming of the traffic cones as the city workers awakened from their long winter slumber hindered me slightly, impeding my progress just enough to let the follower gain much-needed ground.

Mentally thanking my trainers for drilling in my mind the proper procedures for scouting out territory before a meeting, I turned into the alley on my right, leading to the boarded-up warehouse that I had noticed earlier. Glancing at a storefront window I could see my shadow scurrying behind me, abandoning all pretense at being inconspicuous.

I paused just long enough to put my foot up on a board and readjustment my stocking, letting my quarry catch up and get a good look at my finely sculpted ass. Distracting men was so easy, they always thought with the wrong head. Little did he realize that the hunter had now become the hunted.

End part 1

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Female On Top - As it should be!

Female On Top - As it should be!

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