Part 6 – More than a Mouthful – Final Sissy Training

“Meet Mistress Sabrina,” Headmistress says as i curtseyed before this stunning vision in a black negligee and spiked leather collar. And as i observe coming up from my curtsey, following the lines of Her black leather thigh high boots, She also had a huge black rubber strap on cock. It was beginning to become clear to me know why i might smear my lipstick.

“Come on in Ladies,” Headmistress said motioning to all the other Mistresses. There was Domina Erin, Goddess Jessica, Princess Kylie, Enchantress Bella and several others that I had seen while I was being milked. “We all get to watch your final little bit of training sissy. Doesn’t that excite you?” Headmistress asked. It did, and ordinarily i my little cock would have been poking out through these Tinkerbelle panties, but the milking had truly drained me, or so it seemed.

“Oh don’t worry sissy,” Enchantress Bella says to me. “It’s not just the milking that’s keeping you so limp. Remember that little drink I gave you in the Salon after you made that nasty little stain on your panties? Well that was your first dose of female hormones sue. The first of many.” “And yes sissy,” Princess Kylie followed, “it will help those tiny titties of yours grow and soon I may have to take you back to the store for a real bra!” “But for now sissy,” Headmistress broke in, “you will be serving Mistress Sabrina and that 12 inch dildo of Hers!”

Mistress Sabrina walked over toward me with a look of delight on Her face as She held that huge black shaft straight out with Her left hand. With Her right She pointed to the floor, “On your knees sissy. Show Me how much you love to suck cock!”

i wasn’t attracted to men at all and certainly didn’t want to ever suck a cock, but there was something in Mistress’s voice drawing me to Her, or perhaps it was just those hormones causing changes in me. i place my lips around Her cock and began to slowly work my way up and down. “What a good cock sucker,” i heard one of the Mistresses say. “Can you take it all sissy?” said another as i felt a hand at the back of my head pushing me toward Mistress Sabrina. i gagged uncontrollably as the huge shaft went halfway down my throat, and i could hear all the Mistresses laugh in amusement.
“I think that’s enough for today sissy,” Headmistress said. “What do you think Ladies, time to celebrate our newest sissy with a little toast?” They all answered in agreement. Headmistress walked over to a tray that contained 9 glass flutes filled with champagne along with one empty one. As She passed out the 9 glasses i began to wonder why there was an extra empty glass. “Do You have the jar Jess?” Headmistress asked. “Right here,” Goddess Jessica replied, opening up the jar marked “sissy sue” and pouring most of its contents into the empty champagne flute.

Headmistress handed me the glass Mistress Jessica had just filled and said “Cheers! Here is to our newest sissy… Drink up Ladies and you too sue! And don’t leave a drop sissy!”

This ends the first installment of sissy’s story “Sissy’s Transformation”. The second installment, “Sissy’s Public Service” will be coming soon.

Strict Sabrina
888-647-7587 Ext 36

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  1. nick says:

    I like that too I’m thinking I should be your slave also

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