Erotic Humiliation With Domina Erin

Dominatrix Phone Sex With Erin

I will weave a web that will enchant and entrap you. I am a lifestyle Domme who enjoys the arts of seductive and sadistic domination. It all depends on how well you learn and on my moods. Sometimes, I like inflicting pain and punishment, other times I enjoy the sweet silken caress of domination. Sissies and fem boi’s hold a special place in my heart if they are true and honest.

Painsluts, humiliation bois and fetish lovers are quite entertaining. But a word of advice, do not say you will do anything, because you will be put to the test. If you disappoint me, you will feel my wrath, it is not something you will willingly want to feel twice.


  • Sissies and fem bois

  • pantybois

  • Painsluts

  • Humiliation sluts

  • Forced Bi
  • CBT
  • Nipple Torture

Domina Erin

888-647-7587 #4

We Do Not Perform Blackmail, Extortion, or Financial Domination Of Any Kind.

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14 Responses to Erotic Humiliation With Domina Erin

  1. sissydowling says:

    dear domina

    i know im the last person you want to talk to but i need to say that i am deeply sorry for how i behaved in chat and i beg of you to please think of lifting the ban on me please

    • Domina Erin says:

      You, sissy were warned about your behavior and then you were banned. Begging is fun to watch but if you want to really want to show your devotion then you will start to vote for the site, and enter the “Vote Code Contest”.

      When we can see that you have really attempted to make amends, then we will consider lifting the ban. Your kind of behavior is not acceptable because it makes it uncomfortable for the other chatters and for the Mistresses. Being in our chat room is a privilege not a right.

      Domina Erin
      888-647-7587 Ext 52

  2. sissyclitdick says:

    It was an absolute pleasure speaking to you in the chat room this morning. I look forward to calling you soon where I hope you will not be nearly as nice to me.

  3. brian says:

    Just wanted to let you and everyone know that the call with you was excellent. Was far better than I could have hoped for. Imagine all the other Domina’s here are equally as good.

  4. brian says:

    PS.. Of course that’s what makes this place so great.

  5. Jackie says:

    Thank You so much for Your hospitality in the chat room. You made this newcomer feel very welcome. i promise to vote as they say early and often.

  6. Hello webmaster. I like your post about Erotic Humiliation With Domina Erin | MY NAUGHTY SECRET FANTASY.

    I was wondering, i am planning to make a blog for myself. I want to use wordpress like you. Where did you get your template? If you post your answer here below, i will read this in the next couple of day’s.

    Thanks Inboedel verzekering

  7. Martin says:

    How can I arrange for a text session with you via yahoo mail?

  8. steven says:

    I have done several sessions with Mistress Erin, and may I say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one. Her voice is intoxicating, her laugh gives me chills (in a good way), and the way she commands me is nothing short of incredible. I’ve tried to stop coming to this site a couple of times, even deleting my email address, but I always end up making a new one and coming right back. All thanks to Mistress Erin.

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  11. cassie says:

    Mistress Erin is the very finest HypnoDomina for the pleasing sensations of handing over control of your mind to a ProDomina. I await my training for feminization.

  12. Tonie says:

    I am looking for an appropriate lady who will role play—I am a stripper in a high end Las Vegas gentlemen’s club and a little nervous as they all came to see me shake my “girls” which are 34EEE—-the lady will pick out my outfit to tease the audience and do my makeup—I’m already quivering—which of your ladies could you recommend for my role play?—-thank you so much
    lipstick kisses,

    • DominatrixPhoneSex says:

      Thank you so much for your question!

      Any of the Mistresses would love to take this fantasy of yours and run with it. Please feel free to contact any of them via email and they would be happy to help you.

      Role play phone sex is one of the best ways to slide out of your regular life and slip into something that is much more delicious.


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