Dominatrix Phone Sex With Bella

Fetish Queen Bella

You think that you are safe. You think that you are comfy in your home and nothing can get to you. No one is home, the door is locked so you can do whatever you want. You put on some porn, and sit back to relax, but you need more. So you take your new found freedom and decide that you are going to finally make that call. YOU are going to be in charge! The girl on the other side of the phone is going to do anything that you want, just like the girls in your porno. You will use her to cum, it will be just like live porn, in your ear. You have been mislead. Lies have been told to you when they said that you are in charge of your own sexuality and that no taboo phone sex is the way to just cum and be done with it. Wrong…

Exquisite no taboo phone sex is so much more than that. You can still sit back and relax, but you are not safe. How can you feel safe when the talented woman on the other end of the phone knows your thoughts? Even those thoughts you have never shared with anyone will make you putty in her hands. Compelled to tell her your deepest intimacies and fears, you will be opening your soul to this woman that will take your mind and bend, twist, and pervert it into something beautiful. Take your secrets to her and to her alone. She is not a typical girlfriend that you have to lead into your fantasies and hope that she likes them. No, this intelligent woman will lead you into adventures that you never knew you could enjoy, but will become addicted to. Your new Dominatrix Phone Sex Mistress will become more real to you than any porn movie that you could buy. The Goddess of your new-found desire will force you to stretch your imagination and experience new heights that you never knew were possible. You have been warned… Free will is for pussies.

Fetish Queen Bella

888-647-7587 #1

Texting Sessions are Available

We Do Not Perform Blackmail, Extortion, or Financial Domination Of Any Kind.

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17 Responses to Dominatrix Phone Sex With Bella

  1. bella's bitch says:

    Thank you very much for the guidance and training that you provided me Mistress. Thank you for allowing me to use my free call from the contest with you.

  2. Brock says:

    Bella is by far one of the best women in the business. She is caring and takes into consideration how much you need her and she needs you. She could be doing a thousand other things yet she is here for you and it shows. Thank you Bella. You are fantastic.

  3. giveit2me says:

    wow. will type more later after i recover. WOW!

  4. Nick says:

    Beautiful voice and knows just how to give you what you are craving- glad I picked this line… Amazing. Only been an hour and I already want to call back!!

  5. gypsyrock says:

    you are soooooo hot
    soooo perfect
    always leaves me wanting more

  6. Lil' Sticky says:

    Made me so excited I ended up crying.. but, they were definitely good tears!

  7. Wilber Boliek says:

    Thank You Bella for taking such good care of me and my nasty fetish side

  8. goodsen says:

    I had the opportunity to speak to Ms Bella for the first time on the phone last night. First of all, she was very helpful and accomodating in exchanging emails with me to brainstorm possible call ideas. When I first spoke to her, I was immediately put at ease by her relaxed nature and sharp wit. For the call proper, she crafted an erotic story leaving some room for me to roleplay and contribute to the direction of the events. Ms Bella is a talented storyteller with a great sense of humor. Recommended.

  9. submittingtoyou says:

    Thanks you so much ma’am for forgiving me. I will never play with the phone again and my next free call will be to you.

  10. rohit says:

    bella is one of the most amazing grl i have evr had a wrd she is amazing amaizing amazing whta grl to gud to tak and i wnt mind o say she is anytime better thn my gf u ar thye best god bless :-)

  11. sissy_ashley says:

    Thank You soooooo much for giving this pathetic sissy slut the punishment she deserves, Mistress Bella. Our session was amazing, more than this little sissy deserves!

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  13. Donnie says:

    Bella is the perfect ABDL Mommy – Being diapered and put in plastic baby panties by Bella is the height of adult baby fantasy and pleasure! I’ve called many times but it is so exciting that it always feels like the first time.

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  15. PPWabbt says:

    Mistress Goddess Bella and PPWabbit go way way back. She is brilliant to play with and can help you create the very best role plays you could hope for, She also likes to push me and pull me, and command me. Or if I am naughty she has many ways of keeping me forever her big sissy baby, and has never disappointed me. She is a gold medal phone sex Goddess, and I am forever gratefull to know her.

  16. cameron says:

    God I miss you Bella

  17. curtis says:

    i can’t stop thinking about Her….Her voice…..Her imagination….Her intelligence….there are days when i spend every minute thinking about Her….She owns me…..and She knows it….

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