Dominatrix Phone Sex With Goddess Jessica

Cock Tease Mistress Jessica Is Addicting

Addicted To Cock Teasing And Orgasm Denial?

There is no escape from your cravings and desires.

You would not be here if you had any control over your naughty urges. You have tried to be good, but you have a loyalty to the flesh that cannot be denied. Not only your body, but you mind forces you into slavery to your addictions. The fetish that you have has no support group, no twelve step program; It has you and me and your need to show me how sensuous, perverted, or dirty that you can be.

Let us talk about those personal addictions. They have made you do so many unmentionable things. You have began this journey deep into your twisted being and in order to feel the sexual euphoria that you crave, you must obtain your fix. You have to plump up that vein, ready yourself, to shoot up your new drug of choice.

My name is Mistress Jessica and I AM your new addiction. You will give up everything to be with me and I will make you feel amazing! You will feel the peace that can only come from experiencing true understanding.

I will take you, fill you up, and lock you down in the front seat of this sensual roller coaster ride. You will see the twists and turns coming, but you don’t know the actual thrill of it until you experience it fully, personally. You are the moth that is drawn to my flame. I am your thrill ride, your addiction, your food and drink, everything that you need to survive.

Please Remain Seated Until The Ride Comes To A Complete Stop. ~Mistress

Mistress Jessica

888-647-7587 #2

Text Sessions Are Available
When you are ready for real Dominatrix phone sex with a Cock Tease Goddess please give me a call and I will be happy to help your addiction.

We Do Not Perform Blackmail,
Extortion, Forced Intoxication or
Financial Domination Of Any Kind.

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14 Responses to Dominatrix Phone Sex With Goddess Jessica

  1. priyam says:

    i want to be ur sissy…please make me a girly girl mam..i dont want to be a man..and i am not either..take me as ur sissy slave humiliate me and bring out the girl inside me…

  2. Rhiamon Maskery says:

    i want to be ur sissy…please make me a girly girl mam..i dont want to be a man..and i am not either..take me as ur sissy slave humiliate me and bring out the girl inside me…

  3. old faithful says:

    thanks for teachng me how to stroke properly, goddess!

  4. potentiallytruu says:

    omg, Goddess Jessica is by far the most powerful phone mistress i have encountered. i believe every word of this description; she knows me so well, the description of an addict with no 12 step group beholden to the flesh and my fetishes is spot on…
    i love You Goddess!

  5. Markus says:

    I met Jessica several years ago. Her integrity and selfless dedication to her clients and her profession is unwavering. Thank-you for the memories Jessica.
    Yours, Mark

  6. Single young stud says:

    Jessica, thank you so much for the hot call, you are an amazing girl with a sweet relaxing voice, hopefully it wont be too long before we can do this again.

  7. teasedbyPrincess says:

    i have been searching and searching for a young Princess who isn’t bratty but rather “entitled.” one who is dangerous for not only me, but for everyone She comes in contact with. the difference is, i want to be the one She torments the most. i desire, i crave, i NEED … i am an addict and only Princess Jessica can satiate my appetite. there is no 12 step program, only Princess Jessica. i need to know and to feel the peace i believe only You can provide.

  8. Marc Griliches says:

    Please call me on my cellphone at; 6yx-5vf-7,.8 right away. I need and want to talk telephone sex right now while I masturbate. I have a penis emergency so please hurry. Thank you. Marc.

  9. Bruce says:


    You know I cant stay out of the dirty clothes hamper sniffing and jerking in all your dirty panties, totally addicted to them even though I tell myself not to then there I am in your room when your not home on your bed naked one pair over my face the dirty stain over my nose as I inhail and jerking in another pair mixing our juices together in the sweet scented crotch.

    Knowing you will catch me and punish me, deny me as you use your beuatiful body to seduce me into what ever you want.

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  14. Neil says:

    Baby, where did you go?

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